The Remarkable Teacher and the Brilliant Pedagogue (to the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Petro Shcherbyna)

  • Leonid MISINKEVYCH Leonid Yuzkov Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law
Keywords: Petro Shcherbyna, Head of the District Department of Public Education, lawyer’s activity, pedagogical and scientific activity, peasant and judicial reforms


This article tells about Shcherbyna’s way of life and his main stages of political, scientific and social activities. In addition, a period of his education, a period of his profession life and military service is displayed as in pre-war and war years. The author describes Shcherbyna’s pedagogical activity as specialist of district level when public education system was restored after liberation from fascist invaders in the Dunaivtsi district of Khmelnytskyi. The circumstances of transition to work in higher education institutions of Kamianets-Podilskyi and his legal activity are clarified. Research work on the study of scientific sources from historical and legal aspects is revealed which was in Podolsk province to carry out peasant and inventory reforms in 1847 and 1861 years. The consequences of research and generalization of the legal aspect of the processes of formation and development of justice in Right-Bank Ukraine are evaluated when Magdeburg law and Lithuanian-Polish law on judicial reform in the Russian Empire in the 1960s had been introduced. Moreover, his multifaceted pedagogical activity at the Kamyanets-Podilskyi State Pedagogical University and his work at the newly created Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law are being researched.


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