Increasing the Efficiency of Material and Technical Support of the Enterprise

Keywords: material and technical support, material and technical base, resource, loss, expenses, profit, damage, price, product, enterprise


Economics is a sphere of life support created by man to maintain and to improve his living conditions. Economics ensures the creation of the necessary material and non-material goods. Business entities are highly specialized components of the economy, and their material and technical support, along with human resources, is a crucial prerequisite for industry. In combination with human resources, material and technical resources form the production potential of the enterprise. Numerous businesses are constantly competing for consumers and their niche in the tangible and intangible goods market.

Permanent competitions result in frequent bankruptcy. Accordingly, it is a significant stimulant to improve and to increase the efficiency of material and technical support services. Competition for the best production factors is no less important than competition for consumers and marketing outlets. Business entities must regularly review their concept of material and technical support as well as their line of development in a systematic and methodical way.

Continuous analysis of production innovations, technical development and achievements in the resource market will allow to create a certain strategy and to move in the right direction of material and technical support. The correctness or fallacy of the taken decisions can significantly affect the future position of the business entity in a particular sector of the economics.

The main aspects and the importance of material and technical support are revealed in the article. We propose our own approach to the interpretation of the concept of "material and technical support" and expand the structure of the material and technical base. The functions of material and technical support are detailed. The aspects of management as well as the parameters of the efficient usage of material and technical support are specified. The ways of increasing of the efficient usage of material and technical resources are offered. The stages of using the material and technical base of the enterprise are determined.

The conclusions and recommendations that can form the basis for improving the efficiency of use of the material and technical base are formulated. Some graphical material was used in order to facilitate the argumentation of the benefits of improving the material and technical base of economic entities. The visual image allows to more accurately emphasize the topic and the realization of the need to improve the material and technical support of the business entity.


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Economics and enterprise management