Contracts of Assistance to Capable Natural Person

Keywords: contract, assistant institute, legal capacity, capable natural person, assistance agreement


The article analyzes the existing theoretical and methodological approaches to the definition and use of the institution of an assistant in civil law. The author focuses on common methodological contradictions and regulatory inconsistencies and gaps in the legislative regulation of the outlined issue, as well as highlights the leading scientific views of domestic and foreign scientists. The analysis of the institution of the personal assistant through comparison with the existing legal constructions (official representative, custody or trusteeship, etc.) answers the actual questions of the legal nature and essence of the researched question, including by comparison with similar contractual relations. Meanwhile, the research determined in the article confirms that the potential of the institution of a personal assistant as an entity that provides support to an able-bodied individual is not used enough. The author states that nowadays relations related to the institution of an assistant, which are essentially a manifestation of a unique legal structure, are often considered as a form of social services that contradicts their civil nature and negatively affects the degree of normative detail of all aspects of the assistant relationship. and an able-bodied natural person who, due to his / her state of health, cannot independently exercise his / her civil rights and perform his / her civil duties. The article focuses on the fact that the development of the studied relations is hampered by the contradictory nature of legal regulation, which necessitates further scientific and theoretical research in this area. In order for the studied legal interaction between an able-bodied person and his assistant to be able to effectively solve the tasks set by society and the state, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation — a mechanism of legal regulation that will optimally implement all potential opportunities of such legal relations and agreements of the parties. The author has formulated specific ways to optimize and most effectively exclude all resource components from the institution of the personal assistant and its legal status in order to simultaneously satisfy the interests of all parties involved.


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Civil Law and Civil Process; Family Law; International Private Law