Institutional Mechanism for Public Health Policy in Conditions of Poverty Alleviation

Keywords: poverty alleviation, public health, health care, public policy


Introduction: Public health is a new field of knowledge and human activity that is being developed in Ukraine nowadays. In Ukraine and globally, public health is one of the highest priority areas of human development that falls into the category of systematic social inequality. Public health sector is socially important as it creates a health-preserving lifestyle for the population.

Research: The basic elements of this approach are population economic status, ecology, education, territorial settlement (urban or rural), and housing quality. At these basic levels, there is already a feasible scientific debate about the existence and growth of poverty. There is inequality in access to health care quality, prevention and treatment; healthy food quality; and furthermore the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially in urban areas.

Recognizing the effects of such inequality and poverty in access to health-preservation, national and regional public authorities of the EU and Ukraine have begun to develop and implement public health concepts and programs at different levels.

The purpose of our research is to study public health sector of the EU and compare it with Ukraine in order to formulate proposals for mitigating health inequalities and poverty in access to health services, as well as developing new standards and to have an integrated approach to work out an effective public health policy.

Conclusion: The aim of this topic is the processing and synthesis of information of public policy instruments in the context of preserving and promoting the health of the population, increasing the expectancy and quality of life, preventing diseases, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We use a multidisciplinary and systematic approach in research as a baseline, methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization, comparison and economic-statistical methods are used.

Data was sourced from the surveys of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, national statistical agencies of the EU and Ukraine, associations of cities of the leading countries around the world. In particular, we are interested in the indicators such as the level of urbanization, the level of gross domestic product, area pollution, the level of mortality, other economic, social and health characteristics.


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