Capital Investment as a Component of State Investment Policy at the Regional Level

Keywords: investment activity, capital investments, dynamics, structure, economic development, investment processes


The article examines the processes of inflow of investments into the economy of Ukraine, highlights the main problems and factors affecting investment activity and investment attractiveness of the country and regions. Functions of investments without which effective management and development of the economy of the state are impossible are considered. The peculiarities and tendencies of the investment activity in Ukraine are revealed, the ways to intensification of attraction of capital investments are determined. It has been found that the process of attracting capital investments in the Ukrainian economy has significantly slowed down due to the political and economic crises of recent years. As a result, the financial condition of enterprises has deteriorated, the number of unprofitable financial institutions has increased, the volume of bank lending to enterprises has decreased, the investment activity of foreign investors has decreased. Attention is drawn to the fact that the successful realization of the objectives of the socio-economic development of the regions depends on the efficiency of the organization of the investment process. The revitalization of the investment process is the main component of economic requirements, which are intended to identify real changes in the structure of the economy of the country and the region, to accelerate the transition of the economy to a qualitatively new level of industrial development, to improve the quality of domestic products and its competitiveness in the world market, to contribute to overcoming interregional disproportions, to provide growth in the state. The dynamics and structure of capital investments in Ukraine and Kharkiv region in 2017-2019 are analysed. The structure of capital investments for this period by sources of financing, types of economic activity, types of assets is studied. The conclusions on the materiality of the changes and direction that have occurred during this period have been made, the positive and unfavourable changes in the formation of capital investments have been characterized. It is determined that the socio-economic development of Ukraine is impossible without sufficient financing of capital investments. First of all, it is about modernizing the production of high-tech and competitive high-value-added goods and increasing their exports, as well as the introduction of innovative and
energy-saving technologies. It is stated that the conditions for attracting investment in Ukraine are political, economic and financial stability, investment guarantees, improvement of legislative acts regulating investment activity and general improvement of the investment climate.


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