Information Policy in the Field of Public Administration

Keywords: information policy, public administration, information security, public policy, information society, modern world


The article notes that information policy is a logical, objective process that has always been and will be relevant in relations between states, regardless of the development of cooperation between them. In other words, the information policy in the field of public administration is aimed to achieve the goals of the state policy of the country both in peacetime and in wartime. In the article, the author reveals the main components of an information policy and gives a definition to each of them. Along with this, the concept of information security of the country is given, which is the result of scientific and technological progress and information integration of the world community. Analyzing the state policy in the information sphere, the author determines in which areas the issues of information security and information warfare are regulated. The main factor characterizing the successful implementation of state policy in the formation of a mechanism for managing various areas of social development is to ensure a constant focus on the consistent and safe development of socially significant values, and to guarantee the strength of public administration. The degree of development of the information sphere is one of the main indicators that determine the strength of public administration and the safety of society. One of the main elements of the implementation of state policy in the information sphere is the information infrastructure, which should be considered an integral part of strategic information resources and important for the defense capability of the state and its information market. Along with this, the article notes that for Azerbaijan, which lives in a war, the issue of developing an information policy in the field of public administration is particularly important. Today in Azerbaijan, the issue of forming a regulatory framework in this area is one of the priority places in state policy. In this direction, the foundations of the legislative framework for ensuring an information policy in the field of public administration are being formed and developed. It should be noted that in recent years many laws, regulatory legal acts have been adopted, various orders have been issued.


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Public administration of state security and public order