Real Acts as a Public Administration Tool

  • Oleh MUZA Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine
Keywords: real act, public administration, public administration tools, administrative procedure, administrative proceedings


In the article the phenomenon of real acts as a public administration tool is researched. The consolidation of public administration tool «real acts» was first embodied in the German doctrine of administrative law. The scientific research of real acts in the Ukrainian administrative law hasn’t yet received the necessary results. It’s formulated the definition of real acts as informal decisions or actions of public administration bodies which are adopted or committed outside the legal regulation of administrative activities and aimed at communication with private persons. It’s determined the legal features of real acts: 1) they are informal decisions or actions of public administration bodies; 2) the purpose of their application is to inform private persons about socially significant information or to reach a consensus between public administration bodies and private persons during the administrative procedure; 3) their content doesn’t reflect the final result of the power influence of public administration bodies; 4) they are additional illegal means of communication of public administration bodies with private persons; 5) may be appealed in court in case of violation of the rights, freedoms or interests of private persons. It’s noted that the real acts for the legal nature and form of adoption (committed) aren’t administrative acts. It’s concluded that real acts complement the system of public administration tools and reflect the part of administrative activity of public administration bodies, which doesn’t have a legal formalization. The use of real acts by public administration bodies allows to increase the efficiency of relations with private persons during the occurrence of administrative procedure relations. The real acts aren’t legal facts that can lead to the dynamics of administrative legal relations, but their application may be subject of court legal proceedings to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of private persons with public administration bodies. Administrative procedural legislation of Ukraine should contain provisions on the possibility of applying real acts in order to expand the possibilities of public influence of public administration bodies on various spheres of public administration.


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